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    Lightbulb Garage4Hackers - Aurangabad Meet - August, 2012

    Garage Meet August - 2012
    Date: 18- August - 2012
    Time: 1100 - 1430 Hours

    Attained By - the_empty, [S], darkdawn, anudeep, ndoes, mahesh

    It has been almost a year now for me to have attained a Garage Meet. I was very happy and excited to have it in my hometown. Though there were only six of us who could make it to the meet, none the less, it was equally awesome. This was the first ever garage meet for me which started at the proposed time. All those who confirmed were there by the time and we just chatted all the way through.

    The meet started with introductions as only I, [s] and darkdawn were the ones who knew each others. Anudeep is one enthusiast in terms of learning and would like to be part of Garage going forward for learning and sharing. Same applies to ndoes who is equally interested and talented guy. Mahesh is my hardware resources. He is not into "our" type of hacking but is mad about computer hardware, loves to experiment and prepares new and awesome rigs.

    The meet went on with discussing our history, "learning" experiences and so on. We came to know that [s] is as good a social engineer as he is in other domains of hacking. The stuff that he shared with us was simply awesome. May it be getting free recharges by call center guys or may it be getting information.

    I also shared my experience of old time, silly questions, Anarki's awesome answers and directions, recent experiences of both professional and personal hacking life. Everybody was impressed to know that Garage started as an orkut community and after many years’ efforts of mainly Anarki, Bond and Punter it has become a successfully running one of the top forums of India.

    As the meet went on we discussed about many things. Everyone shared their ideas. [S] is currently desperate on turning his tablet into a mobile wifi cracker. As both of us have tablets which are out of warranty now, we will be working on that (as of now am trying to switch to ICS from froyo ). Austin was able to do it on N900 using power kernel and my plans are to do the same. We will be working on that aaand there will be an article about the same as well.

    It took pulse when we came to know that [S] has a server having 95GB of RAM and 5TB of hard disk. We were on the 7th cloud when [S] said he can give us access to that machine. Soon we will be creating VMs for all of us on that machine. Below is the answer to the question that is raising in your minds folks -

    1. We are planning to AND more importantly we WILL be creating one G4H OS distribution. Anant, all help and guidance that you can provide is welcome

    2. Group study sessions on exploitation and reversing starting from today evening

    3. Planning and preparations for all future CTFs which we will be playing as a team

    4. Working on ideas that could help us in participating in conferences as presenters

    It was decided that studies of exploitation and reversing would be totally target oriented. We will be devising a plan and time-line for the studies. The sessions would be more focused towards sharing everyone's progress, discussing and solving issues faced and getting new ideas of studies.

    We have also planned to prepare some training material for the youth around the city. The training we provide will not be teaching any rock solid stuff but just to make them understand the process and importance of learning and giving them a direction. As we can see that there are many "hacking" training institutes around who just turn this youth into frustrated script kiddies. However, this is our secondary plan on which we will be working through our regular garage meets.

    It may feel surprising or even foolish but we have taken an "RDB" style oath of not falling out or behind the devised plan and will give our better than best for becoming something more.

    We know that we will be having all good wishes, help and guidance from the garage family.

    See you soon with the action packed stuff.


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    as always good write up...

    A'Bad chapter a new success story for G4H

    i would like to know what are the plans with the rig... as i also got similar but little less config rig for my research stuff.... so we can share and help each other from preventing with same work from scratch....

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    Great start [s] and empty.....keep it going....lets reach more like minded ppl....

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    Quote Originally Posted by 41.w4r10r View Post
    as always good write up...

    A'Bad chapter a new success story for G4H

    i would like to know what are the plans with the rig... as i also got similar but little less config rig for my research stuff.... so we can share and help each other from preventing with same work from scratch....
    First of all congratulations and thanks to team mates for initiating new chapter and I strongly believe in its success.

    Btw I was travelling when this thread was posted and somehow I missed it. Regarding the rigs....

    Day 1: I received a rig at my work place - 2 Tb, 8 cores, 8 Gig RAM - I was happy
    Few days after that w4r10r received one - 16 Gig RAM - I was jealous
    Few days after that [s] received his - 95 Gig RAM - I fainted

    Cheers guys! Rock ON
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    ------> become the master!!! <------
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    @the_empty - whoa.. it was great reading that.. I wish I could've attended that but we don't have any active chapter here in Bhopal.. poor me..

    p.s. - btw you're using which tablet??
    Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who
    keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.
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