What's This?
This project will attempt to connect to every IP address on the internet. More specifically, we'll be connecting to port 80 (the port your browser uses to view webpages by default). This will tell us if the address we're connecting to is acting as a webserver.

Why do this?
We believe its possible that many websites are not found by modern search engines. This is due to the fact that most search engines use links from sites they've already found (indexed) to find other sites. This leaves the possiblity of some sites not being discovered if they are not linked to by a site that's already been found.

By connecting to every IP address on the Internet, we have the capability of finding sites that have never been indexed before.

How many addresses are there?
There are approximately 4 billion routable IP addresses. However, only a small percentage have responded to our queries thus far.

For more questions and answers, check the FAQ by clicking the FAQ link above.

To check out the list of IPs we've found so far, click the IP Database link. You can also search the database!

ERIPP - Every Routable IP Project Can be useful during external penetration tests, malware and forensic analysis !