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    Attempt to thread Nmap scans

    Hello Hackers;

    How are you doing !
    Well .. My office people were facing an issue with Nmap scans for a large number of hosts.
    The issue was that, if an Nmap scan is ran for lets say a hundred hosts. Nmap will first linearly run all the scans and then will generate a single output file for it. In the process if one IP takes alot of time due to any reason, we are stuck with no actual output.

    I was thinking about writing something which will thread Nmap and will give us better performance.
    But then I thought, Why thread just Nmap ? There should be something to thread any linear bash process.
    I got something named PPSS - [(Distributed) Parallel Processing Shell Script]. This script simply does what we want.

    Here is a simple example.

    Lets say there is a text file of all hundred IPs we wanna scan. Let the filename be IPs.txt
    So simply we will just run following nmap command via PPSS script.

    ppss -f IPs.txt -c 'nmap -n -P0 -A -oN "$ITEM" "$ITEM"' -p 10

    The $ITEM will be the IP address from IPS.txt. The "-p" argument is the number of processes.
    So the command will run 10 Nmap instances at a time and will save all results in separate files.

    So it is recommended to install PPSS on your hacktop !

    Original source and coder of the project :

    Scanning many hosts in parallel with Nmap using PPSS

    Google code link for the Project: Downloads - ppss - (Distributed) Parallel Processing Shell Script - parallel processing made easy! - Google Project Hosting

    Ro(Ha)ck On !!


    Godwin Austin

    PS. Also check out the dnmap (Distributed Nmap Project)
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