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    What is Shellcode ???

    Hello guys ,,,
    I think this might be a silly question but i am a noob and want to know what it is .....
    So, I google-fu'ed around and came to a conclusion that it is a local exploit or breaking machine locally to escalate privileges (mostly linux) and found some resource websites(exploit-db and packetstorm) where i found shellcodes but the problem is they are not executing correctly and showing me errors in code and some not even showing results (not escalating) so i found myself in a situation ....
    """"""""""""""""""""""what really is a shell code and why to use and is there any working shell code ????????????? """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

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    d4rkpr1nc3, Shellcode is nothing but set of machine instructions which you normally write so that when you gain control over vulnerable program that program will redirect EIP to the shellcode(basically instructions written by author to do something) and then those instructions will get executed instead of actual program code.

    for eg.
    lets say your computer is having Winamp installed which is vulnerable.
    now did you seen any option in winamp to launce calc.exe?? NO
    but as the winamp is vulnerable, so what you can do is create exploit in which you will insert shellcode which is nothing but instructions to execute calc.exe
    so when you use this exploit what it will do is copy your shellcode somewhere in memory then control your program(winamp) and ask it to jump on a memory location where your shellcode is placed so once it take jump to your shellcode it get executed and you see calc.exe running on your computer.

    hope this cleared your doubt if not then feel free to ask your doubt again.

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