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    yups, a friend of mine showed it to me a long time ago .. we kids thought that hacking is done by only one tool --> Nmap

    B/w I also found that Armitage was filmed in the television series Breaking In . There was one shot where it shows the guy using it. Guess, the director thought that Armitage's GUI was a great eye-candy
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    Thanks Abhay For the Breakin In

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    Already facebook is asking phone number for security what is the use of recaptcha in security. We can grab the complete information of the user by phone number details.

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    microsoft is hosting their website on linux servers

    just seen this some where today...

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    I is pretty old, but many thanks man. I had spent quite a considerable time for this, without any luck. :-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by abhaythehero View Post
    Unlike normal captcha, recaptcha has two words. Usually one of the word is a stranded computer generated one. while the other is some scanned word from book. Whats happening is that google and other big companies are scanning books. and converting them to digital form for their own good. BUT instead of spending money on it. they are getting millions of users to fill them for FREE.

    So when one user enters one (computer generated) word correctly it accepts the other one from scan. So you can technically write anything in place of other and it will be still be accepted.

    Usually the 'now' has been scanned by multiple OCR programs and they don't match. So just you entering ni**er will not alter the book/paper etc. The reCAPTCHA system will ask multiple humans to identify that word and accept it only if it matches.

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    Web Console in Firefox
    Beginning with Firefox 4, the old Error Console has been deprecated in favor of the new, improved Web Console. The Web Console is something of a heads-up display for the web, letting you view error messages and other logged information. In addition, there are methods you can call to output information to the console, making it a useful debugging aid, and you can evaluate JavaScript on the fly.

    Just Press Ctrl + Shift + K

    Thanks to cons0ul for pointing me to this.

    AMol NAik

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