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    [ personal knowledge issue] Having trouble compiling this one

    *Full disclosure - I am permitted to exploit the target I am facing*

    Here is the exploit I am trying to compile.

    I took that code and saved it in a file and named it thc.c

    then ran gcc -o thc thc.c

    I got some errors...
    Then I tried to compile it with the command the author wrote in the beginning of the exploit, but BT5 doesn't know what "cl" is, and suggested I try to download cl-launch.

    The Author said this should be compiled with MSVC++ compiler, but there is nothing like that in BT...
    Can you guys offer any help or guidance on this issue?

    Thanks so much, and this is my 1st post btw

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    MSVC++ it comes with Microsoft Visual Studio. download and install MS Visual Studio in Windows and compile it.
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    This file cannot be compiled on linux as its written using Winsocks,
    for msvc use the following command line

    cl 23.c ws2_32.lib

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