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    How to copy python virtual environment (duplicate virtualenv)

    Requirement: User has a python virtual environment up and running; for some reason he needs to make a copy of it on same machine at different location

    Go to original virtualenv and run:
    pip freeze > modules.txt

    Go to new virtualenv, copy modules.txt into it and run:
    pip install -r modules.txt

    modules.txt file is a file that contains a list of all the python packages you want to install.

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    Virtual environment can be made relocatable by using the following syntax,

    $ virtualenv --relocatable environment_name
    But remember this option has number of issues and doesn't always work. From the official documentation of virtualenv,

    The --relocatable option currently has a number of issues, and is not guaranteed to work in all circumstances. It is possible that the option will be deprecated in a future version of virtualenv.

    Also, this does not make your packages cross-platform. You can move the directory around, but it can only be used on other similar computers.

    So, if you don't have an specific requirement, it's always better to duplicate the virtual environment using the method above descibed by b0nd.

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