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    Wink Facebook?

    hey guys, I'm Lee,

    Just wondering is it actually possible to get into someone elses facebook account?

    I have searched google etc but it seems there are alot of scammers viruses etc etc, I have been online a long time so i know a virus before i even try to download. people asking for money to hack an account.

    The reason is not what alot of people need a hacker for, its not anything to do with relationships, My reason is because a girl is currently a admin of a tv show/facebook page which i run a Campaign on at the moment, She does not use this page anymore which has over 16k fans on which would help a great deal to my campaign. But the girl also does not use facebook anymore as far as i know, But still have a profile active. Therefore i only need to go onto her profile if its possible to gain access of the fan page to make myself a admin. thats all. and then leave I dont need to look at her messages nor anything like this.

    If it is possible to do this then great, I would even be more than happy of a hacker to do this for me and all you do is find my name in the 'admin roles' part of the page edit.


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    IDs passwords etc always hacked when victim do mistakes i mean excute our virus RAT etc ,there is no readymade software or scripts that can hack accounts without victim intrfrnce....i mean some one go onm facebook and click ohhh hack ..yes thre is no trick like that

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