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    Scope for VA/PT , exploit research and development at senior level?

    Hello All, I would like to know views on whether there are any career prospects available in VA/PT, exploit research etc at senior level? In most cases I have seen, companies hire people having 1-3 years experience for conducting VA/PT (mostly because it costs them less and automated tools are available for scanning). But what I would like to know is what are the possible opportunities for experienced people say having around 7 years of experience into security. What profiles exist at senior levels related to VA/PT? Also I am not very sure about scope for such opportunities at senior level since (atleast in many companies in India) a senior security guy is expected to look after all the compliance and not just VA/PT. Also what certifications would be ideal for such profiles? CEH and ECSA/LPT are easy to get and may not really prove core hacking skills... OSCP from Offensive Security looks certainly better.
    Any views/suggestions/recommendations on above would be appreciated....

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    Hi Sagar,

    I see mix and match of that among my friend circle. Few with 7-8 years of work experience are doing VA/PT only and some covers compliance + VA/PT. All drawing good packages.
    But being just into VA/PT demands more skills and research kind of work from individuals and that is justified. VA/PT guys (7-8 years exp) skills definitely has to be much above than somebody doing VA/PT for 1-3 years or from his peer whoz doing compliance as well. Team lead positions are good fit for such profiles.
    And if somebody gotta good core technical skills, name in market, good social and professional circle, opportunities are always there for him.

    Regarding certificates - I am not going to get in debate for them, we already have few thread dedicated to them.

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    Hi b0nd,

    Thanks for sharing your views.....

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    Hi b0nd,

    Thanks for sharing your views.....

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