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    Reverse Engineering Help

    Hi everyone, am a newcomer in this forum.
    I currently need help cracking a program (reverse engineer the registration procedure).
    I have downloaded and tried various techniques from ollydbg ti Hiew32 but all have not helped.
    anyone who can help me, please let me hear from you you can send me a private message so as i can send you the software Or for any directions and questions possible.


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    You can learn Here :

    Windows Assembly Language Megaprimer
    PHP Code: 
    Assembly Language Megaprimer for Linux
    PHP Code: 

    If you need download :P [Direct link]
    Download All Security Megaprimers [Except : Python Expert]
    PHP Code: 
    need python ?
    Download python Expert:
    PHP Code: 

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    Thanks, G3n3Rall for the help will start the tutorial immediately. Yet i need someone who can do this for me now, it's really urgent. my life real depends on it. So if you can, pls let know.

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    dude if your life depending on it i would assume you would just buy the software ????

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