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    Sharing my Pentesting Tools

    After conducting PT's over the last 15 years i have a huge collection of windows and linux tools (a few i already shared here: which help you to conduct penetration tests. They cover where collections/tools like backtrack, nessus, metasploit and many other cool dev's did not do the job for me.

    Tool categories are:
    webscanner, smtp scanner, ipv6 scanner, android trojans, stealth keyloggers, stealth remote control software undetectable by AV, vpn scanner, dns scanner, inside out tools to fetch data within protected enviroments, tunneling tools, penetration checklists etc. etc. etc.

    All of them have never been published before. I will release them one after the other including source code. Most of them are really easy to use. I started uploading them to

    Here are some of the first uploads:

    The more sophisticated (and dangerous ones) will come later....

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    Whoa .. this looks cool !
    Thanks swissfondue

    Any CLI based tweakables back there ?


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