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Thread: Security Videos Collection Share/Save - My123World.Com!

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    Hack3rcon 2010 Videos

    Intro with Rob Dixon and Johnny Long

    And in case you don't like the sync issue, here is just Johnny's part

    Dennis Boas
    Distributed IPS - An in depth look

    Keith Pachulski & Brian Martin, Digital Trust, LLC.
    Physical Penetration Testing

    Zate Berg aka "Zate / MrUrbanity"
    Nessus Bridge for Metasploit

    Kenneth Scott a.k.a. pwrcycle
    tcpdump > wireshark

    Martin Bos a.k.a. purehate
    The Weakest Link: Defeating passwords in 2010

    Carlos Perez a.k.a Darkoperator
    Operating in the Shadows

    Adrian Crenshaw a.k.a. Irongeek
    Taking a leak on the network: things intruders forget that could lead to their identity

    Joshua Perrymon CEO, Packetfocus
    Attacking outside the Box

    Dave Kennedy
    Hacking your perimeter.../The Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET)

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    Awesome Ajay Bro I will have those all in my pendrive, the next time I met you
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    Nice to see on garage Ajay! I've been waiting for you since long...

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    all@thanks a lot for Appreciation bros

    fb1h2s@thank u bro ya I will keep adding on the list its a long list its ok bro ur post guides me as a learner & its urs thread too

    prashant_uniyal@thanks u bro ya sure bro download them all, btw I have downloaded all those videos, when we meet I will share many other vidoes too like hitb, milw0rm etc.

    b0nd@thanks for the warm Welcome bro am also glad to see u ya I couldn't be active on G4H before but now I be active on our G4H forum like before.

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    nice going ajay .. this is the place now i will check for security videos first
    Keep it coming !!
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    abhaythehero@thanks bro..ya sure u can always check in this thread for all security videos
    Yes they are coming
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    Defcon Security Conference Videos





    Monitoring API Calls on Windows with Maltrap altrap.mp4



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    Blackhat 2010 Videos

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