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    Talking Garage @ Nullcon Goa 2014 – Birrrr Pila De Sajna

    Heads up guys, this write-up will be all about what I did at the Nullcon Goa 2014. It will be about some discussions we had, some decisions we took, some talks we attained and
    It won’t at all talk about following things –
    1. ___
    2. ___
    3. ___
    4. ___
    5. ___
    Told you, we are not going to talk about those things. Not even gonna tell you who, why and how renamed abhaythehero.

    Another year - full of excitement, full of joy, but with some disappointment: Due to a road accident I was out of action for ľ of the year. This Nullcon seemed to be a way to get back in the business. Not because conference but due to the fact that the entire Garage team decided to be there. Though we have known each others for half a decade now, not all of us have met all of us and the fact to see the legends made me happy. I even had my autograph book prepared.

    Day 1, 13 Feb -

    So we all thought of and decided to land a day before the conference so that we can meet, discuss, attain the night talks and get some booze. And so we did. But to the first round of disappointment, we had an absent couple, “BA” of the “BAP”s – Bond and Anarky… both decided not to come after all.

    Without them, we started our discussions; there was Punter, Neo, FB1H2S, Austin, Hardware DesiBaba, Abhay (Chavan), Warrior, [s], Amol and me. The official discussion was started by Punter with a point to move Garage to a new level. As the world knows, Garage has given the community a way to interactively discuss and learn about hacking and security. Garage guys have done a lot of work which has helped the community so far, may that be FB1’s research in endless domains, Anil’s responsible disclosures in all kind of browsers and applications, Neo’s work in hardware and command line kung fu, Punters wireless adventures, Amol’s endeavors with extreme levels of web hacking, Austin’s love with python and lock picking, Sandeep’s awesome work in web development, learning new skills from all domains and inspiring others.

    It seemed that this is not enough for Punter, his idea was to take all these researches to next level and release all kind of tools, frameworks, online services for the benefit of the community. To his aid, Anil presented an idea to form a team of Pen testers to provide world class services in the domain. Not to boast, but judging by the individual performances so far, a team of them would surely be one the awesome red teams in world. Sandeep and Neo added there bit of share here too, these guys are working along with Bond and Vinnu on a Malware analysis project which seems to be one of its kind. They are also willing to take their research to the world upon completion as part of Garage’s next move.

    We were sitting at a beach restaurant in Goa, the discussions started at around 1800 and we never knew when it was 2130. We had to rush to the night talks only to know that they are already over and all we were left with booze and speakers. We chose booze obviously… speakers were going nowhere. Although after the first round only, the curiosity criminals all started taking on their favorites with loving topics. As I was with Anil and [S] with a Mr. P.P. Sing from TCS, I don’t know much about the rest of the guys and their stuff. We discussed about business aspects of information security, targeted VS predicted VS speculated future of the domain etc etc.

    We were thrown out of the hall past midnight. And as most of us (not me thought, I don’t drink ) did not get chance to drink enough, we moved back to the beach restaurant. There the guys had a year’s booze and got all drunk while still discussing the same topics, ideas, and everything. I have never seen a guy like Sandeep or Punter, having drunk a million glasses… they were still sane and able to discuss with same attitude, confidence and intelligence. They may have installed some kind of IDS in brains to avoid effects of booze.

    We called it a “day” at around 0300 and went back to our dens.

    One thing we decided that day is to get more organized and set up goals. We will be having mandatory weekly meetings to discuss our plans, set goals and get them done. Just to make sure that Garage is giving to the community what they are expecting. One other thing is the old style, on-the-open-grounds-under-the-sky garage pune meets will be restarted soon.

    Love to say that I realized truly now that each of these guys is extremely dedicated, passionate and even emotional towards Garage and its ideology. I saw that day that everybody means it when they say Garage is their family.

    Big Happy Garage Family
    P.S.:- That night we slept for 6-7 hours and had another wonderful day at first day of Nullcon. It lasted for nearly 14 hours. Add those up and after that many hours, the second day write up will be up
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