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    EMET 4.1 simExecFlow

    i have taken a target that is known to have a metaspliot module and it's a stack buffer overflow the only difference is that i use on it just RoP protections to see if i can still bypass all the mitigation
    when i want to use LoadLibrary API from an existing function that call it EMET get me .. but when i use an also hooked by EMET API called CreateFileA and i use it via an existing function i successfully
    call this API without triggering EMET..

    does anyone have ideas about why EMET is still getting me even though i have called a LoadLibrary via an existing sub that use it ?

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    May be this new documentation on bypassing EMET help you

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    Any module you try to load from outside world; most of av engines and emet are going to catch it.


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