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    Lightbulb Malware Analyser

    | Credits: Beenu |

    Due to some req. built a code to analyse the static (a bit dynamic) behaviour of malware .

    Would be updated very soon for more cream.

    code can be seen at:

    Added Some New Features

    --> Added New Feature--<
    1. Gives the Entry point of PE.

    2. Display all the Header Sections (Can be used to determine the offsets, Import

    3. For Linux like OS the objdump is used to find the dll loaded dynamically ( A better way rather than string matching )

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    New Version

    Well since the last post there has been significant improvements and due to the dependencies issue I am no more distributing the code.

    The current built: 2.6.3

    Project Home :

    Between, got the first review for the project too:


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