Ground Zero Summit
September 09 - 10 2014 | COLOMBO, Sri Lanka

Ground Zero Summits are Asia's largest Information Security Conferences and proposes to be the ultimate platform for showcasing researches and sharing knowledge in the field of cyber security.

Call For Paper


Offensive Technologies.
Defensive Technologies.
GSM/VoIP Security.
Embedded/Hardware Hacking.
Smartphone / Mobile Security.
Exploit development techniques.
Advance in reverse engineering.
National Security & Cyber Warfare.
New Vulnerabilities and Exploits/0-days.
New Web attacks and application hacking.
Mobile Application Security-Threats and Exploits.
Malware and Botnet development and Analysis.
Critical National Infrastructure Security.

Call for Papers is open till July 31st, 2014 so if you have interesting topics to present at Ground Zero Summit 2014 you are welcome to submit! Email your submission to: cfp@iic.org.in and email subject should be: CFP G0S 2014.