Ground Zero Summit 2014

13 - 16 November 2014, New Delhi, India

Ground Zero Summit (G0S) 2014 in its second year promises to be Asia's largest Information Security gathering and proposes to be the ultimate platform for showcasing researches and sharing knowledge in the field of cyber security. G0S rationale: The increasing volume and complexity of cyber threats - including phishing scams, data theft, and online vulnerabilities, demand that we remain vigilant about securing our systems and information. Enterprises and governments worldwide are grappling the grim reality of data and critical systems being exploited. This summits aims at addressing these new forms of cyber attack and formulate solutions.

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Relevant submissions

G0S is a triple track conference and papers have to be submitted under the following ******.

Systems Track


OS exploitation
Application hacking
Rootkits and Malware
Forensics and Anti-forensics
SCADA security and exploitation
Telecom equipment security and exploitation
Embedded device/hardware security and exploitation
Malware on the mobile platform - Android, Windows OS, Symbian
Mobile Application Security.
Bitcoin Forensics
Banking Security

Communications Track

(Communication and Networks)

Protocol exploitation and security
Satellite Technology / Security
Aviation Security
Botnet communication, C&C and takedowns
Web hacking
Radio communication hacking
GSM/3G/LTE/5G networks - security and exploitation
Satellite communication hacking
Network security
Intrusion prevention (and evasion) techniques
APT prevention (and evasion) techniques
Replacing network Security with "Intelligent, self automated Networks"
Growth of Mobile Data Networks with repercussions for the same

Strategy Track

(Gov/GRC/Cyber warfare/CII)

Social media in context of security and Privacy
New age Cyber warfare/Cyber intelligence/Cyber terrorism/Cyber crimes
Upcoming information security trends
Critical infrastructure Protection
Cyber security in context of the Govt
Global Cyber Diplomacy
IT Act 2008 in light of Prism Surveillance
Security VS privacy
Evolving role of CERT to protect country's citizens against external and internal intrusions
Repercussions of PRISM surveillance leak on Social Media

E-mail for submission: ""

Speaker's Privileges

G0S is providing all speakers with return air tickets (Economy).
For Indian speakers return air tickets will be provided for distance more than 300 kms, others will be provided First Class train tickets.
Accommodation in New Delhi for 3 nights (check out time as per hotel policy).
One speaker pass and one complementary Conference pass.
Invitation to Conference party.
An honorarium of USD 1000 is to be awarded for talks that are new, highly technical and have never been presented or published before (exclusive to G0S 2014) anywhere online or offline.
Please note that the selection of a paper for an honorarium is at the sole discretion of the Ground Zero Staff and their decision will be final based on the technical depth of the talk and whether it has been presented/published before.
The selected speakers will be notified about the same in our acceptance email.
In cases where there are more than one speakers for the same session.
Only one speaker may avail benefits and privileges under G0S policy.
IIC membership will be provided to all speakers for 1 year initially.