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    Lightbulb Garage4Hackers Pune Meet – September 2014 – Restart, Reload, Reprise

    Some few years back, some of us gathered for drinks and dinner, then we discussed stuff and explored ATM machines to find out interesting things. 41.w4r10r had the idea to call the endeavor a G4H meet and since then the “Silsila” has started.

    Last Sunday, most of us came back together after quite a long time. There was B0nd and Neo, guys elder to us but younger than some protocols, and then there was me, Austin, [S], 41.w4r10r, Arun, Spidey, c0dist, all young generation you know. :P
    This time the meet started with [S]’s birthday party. Being daytime we only had some food stuff and started our discussion with the new hotty in the market, Shellshock. Everyone discussed about their experiences with is happening on that. Spidey explained us various points of attack initiation related to shellshock.
    Mostly all of us know that CGI-Bin and HTTP headers, SSH etc could be the attack points but I understood that even via OpenVPN the vulnerability could be triggered. This is because openvpn uses DHCP commands at back when allotting IPs and that can be used to trigger the shellshock bug.

    After that we moved back to a secret place where Austin baba enlightened us with some cool lock picking stuff. He explained about different types of locks and their working mechanism and how one can pick those types of locks. Then we all moved to practices, we picked some sample locks that Austin had brought with him. With some efforts all of us were able to pick those locks.

    But where is fun in that… so… we tried the picking techniques on the door lock of the place we were meeting at and voila ….. 1 minute down and Austin was inside breaking the lock. We thought of making a video and he couldn’t do it for another 15 minutes…probably because he didn’t pray to that Neo god…. But finally the efforts paid off. Yes we have a video of that little adventure and soon Austin will be posting about it on the forum with some lock picking mantras.

    All in this all, we were discussing about a lot more topics like SCADA testing, how dumb some of our clients are who leave all important parts of the testing from system and just perform a scan to get done with it. Arun there was our source of this information. He had his little “thing“ going on with Spidey about RFID and hardware stuff.

    We missed Vinnu bhai and the hardware hacker Umesh but still no compromise on FUN part. The meet was concluded with some beers, 7-ups, and smoke AAAAAAND the vhroom vhroom of 41.w4r10rs all new Kawasaki Ninja…..
    There are some surprises planned for coming months…… keep an eye for them.


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    Cool Lock Picking

    Seriously speaking I was not at all interested into Lock Picking ! However, GodwinAustin given 1 min talk," why you should learn about lockpicking". Surprisingly, I changed my mind toward lock picking learning. You know godwin showered his knowledge of lock picking on us and I would like share my some thoughts about How I learned about lock picking.

    Godwin shown given some introduction about locks. He introduced me following locks and basic functionality of some locks, which he brought during G4H meet.

    Introduction of some locks
    • Five-lever mortice deadlock
    • Rim automatic deadlatch with key locking handles
    • Multi-point locking system
    • Patio and French doorsTop and bottom operated lock
    • Accessible windows and key-operated locks

    He demonstrated and hands on following methodology and tools.

    • Single-Pin Picking
    • Rakewalking
    • Lock Analysis

    Single Pin Picking

    First time ever I used Single Pin Picking, If you search single pin picking you will find a lot of images of SPP and usage of single pin picking. What i learned while using SPP, an understanding of how lock works, patience and deliberate use of SPP. Literally, if you continuously try with proper use of SPP. You can open every lock as per my knowledge.

    Rake walking

    Oh men ! Rake walking is my favorite tool now days in lock picking. Its like doing Monkey Testing, in short brute-forcing lock. I'll tell you this technique is completely depend on luck factor. My luck was good all the time to open some locks which godwin was using for testing purposes.

    Lock Analysis
    Gosh, did you know how you door lock works ? What are actual vulnerabilities of locks ? I came to know after, 4 hrs of time spending with godwin. You guys have to wait for his detailed post about lock analysis.

    When I was reached to venue of meet it was like 12:00 PM and when I left the venue it was like 9:00 PM. Time was moving so fast! That was totally awesome day for me!

    Thank you godwin I'm waiting for next post about lock picking !
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    Lightbulb Clearing some doubts about lock picking gun

    Well my today's finding about doubts towards the lock picking gun.

    ...But this was lying around from lots of months and I had not touched it out of my laziness.
    I had also ordered this lock picking gun

    This was also lying around and not used ... Ya ya ya I know I am pretty lazy.

    So what happened was at one meet with my fellow hackers at, the topic was lockpicking. A hacker friend of mine had bring his lock picking tools and practice locks. So he just gave a brief into to lock picking and showed how to open some of his practice locks. I had also taken my tools and gun to show him. But he was not much fond of picking guns. But I had seen some videos of this gun picking up locks easily. There were lots of discussions and practice regarding guns but. Today I am gonna stick to only some points about this lock picking gun.
    Basically my friend said that what the gun will work similar to rake. If you dont know what is recking watch this 4 minute video to understand idea. I am not gonna discuss about lock picking techniques in this blog-post.
    ... ...
    Full Post here...
    Clearing some doubts about lock picking gun
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