Hello everyone,

Well, itís been a while and Iíve decided to create Awrs. I had bigger plans but sadly I have no time to get more into it so Iíll just leave it here.

So weíve seen Reverse Shells out there, some created with msfpayload or done threw netcat etc, and problems were just flowing out of these because dealing with reverse shells wasnít that simple at all, many different problems were just flowing out of nowhere:

  1. Interactive programs makes you lose the shell, sadly.
  2. Interactive programs makes you lose the shell, sadly.
  3. Commands with no Outputs makes you lose the shell too.
  4. The CD command is somehow ineffective in many scenarios.
  5. Your handler can only handle 1 connection at a time.
  6. You canít edit/add functions to the shell.
  7. Your executable is detected by AVs.
  8. Your executable(Server/Client) may have some dependencies(Windows/Linux).


And because of all these things, Iíve decided to code my own Reverse Shell Client/Server in Python.

The features are pretty much the opposite of everything mentioned before, anyways:
  1. Linux/Windows Version.
  2. Multi Handler. Can handle multiple connections all at once.
  3. Easy user interface.
  4. Fast and Stable.

  1. Linux/Windows Version.
  2. Youíll never lose your shell. (No Output, Wrong Commands and Interactive Programs wonít kill your shell)
  3. Never closes and is always trying to connect to the Server.
  4. Can handle any command properly, such as the cd command.
  5. Always gets back a response. (Command Output or Simple Client response)
  6. Fast and Stable



Client: http://pastebin.com/hDWiCppd
Server: http://pastebin.com/KHErbESs

Client: http://pastebin.com/XHtAzM9j
Server: http://pastebin.com/EmTjE1kx


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