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    EXPERIMENT -- Connecting Alfa card with the "Satellite dish antenna"

    Yesterday i was just experimenting on alfa card and the things that i found was quite exciting.

    I removed the antenna of the alfa card and i connected my alfa card with my Laptop without the antenna to check the networks in the vicinity.

    i got only a single network and that was my home wireless network.

    The airodump result :

    Signal and Noise Level:

    After that i Followed these steps:

    1. I Removed the dish antenna cable connecting to the set top box.

    2. I binded the male type connector of the satellite dish antenna (connecting to the set top box) with the copper wire (which is used in the earphone) using a plastic Clip.

    3. I then binded the other end of the copper wire with the alfa card male type connector.

    Now i know its kind of weird but after configuring this setup, i connected the alfa card with my Laptop and guess what? i was able to get 3 networks with a high range.

    Airodump result:

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    Signal and Noise Level :

    Am still doing some experiments to increase the gain for the antenna

    But Again there are some constraints in the above experiment. The networks that i got after doing the experiment were really close to my house so there was no need for me to change the angle of the dish.

    Looking forward for the suggestions

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