Well it is late after the meeting but I was not getting time to do the writeup for the first G4H Meet of 2015.

This time one of our member Yogesh had volunteered his place for the Garage Meet.
Not only he was a great host. But for the first time in history our members had Tea and Bread Butter toast on the seat while listening to the talk.

To our surprise we had our two new faces who had joined us for meet from far distance town of Jodhpur (Rajsthan)
Jatin and Kapil had traveled for 1.5 days just to join the first Garage Meet in 2015.
Where Jatin joined testing profile in IT industry and was interested in to web application security,
Kapil is still perusing degree and he is mechanical hacker.
We also got to know about his passion about bike. He had also created his own bike.
Kapil was saying I don't know any thing about hacking then we discussed and told him that how Hacking is not only related to computers and he should also consider himself a hacker for what he have done.
I was very surprised by their dedication as we had declared meet a little late this time just 4-5 days ago. Then also these two guys managed to join us from such long distance.

Most of the member got together around 12 noon and we had introductions round.

Then we had a great talk from our own hardware enthusiastic hacker Arun.
He had bought Motorola C118 mobile in-order to get osmocombb setup running.
He gave a brief introduction to GSM protocol in-order to understand terminologies.
Then he showed problems he faced while setup the osmocombb.
They he showed how the broadcast packets of GSM can be captured in wireshark using osmocombb suit.
Unluckly we were not able to sniff any SMS off the air at that time. As he explained later that it is rare to capture SMS directly using that tool. We might need make changes in stack and software to receive SMS.

We had second talk - a small and crisp talk by our member Sandeep Kamble.
Who displayed how he found vulnerabilities in his ISP network that could give personal information of other customers.
He didn't do a full disclosure since he had reported the problems with ISP and ISP was still in process of resolving it.

Before the talk between talk and after the talks we had open discussions as it is customary in G4H meets. We discussed lots of topics from how freshers should plan to in info-sec industry to fresh new vulnerabilities and exploits to problems in getting hands on the Motorola mobiles compatible with osmocombb.

Before we know time was running out and we had already stretched our two hours goal by two more hours it was 4.30 pm :-D
Our friends from Jodhpur had to catch train back to their home. So we said adios and Concluded the meet.