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    Hii everyone !!

    Hellow I am sneha pandey. Currently I am pursuing in information technology.... n I'm in 3rd year. It's my first time vist to such site... n its very helpful. I'm very confused.... which field to choose n which nt to choose... like programming or web designing or network engineering etc... I'm not clear or confident.....
    Plz guide me or help me in this.....

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    Hi Sneha, welcome to Garage. In terms of career follow your instincts and interests. Read posts in career section which guides you on how to choose the right field.

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    A famous quotation ->
    "Try to get what you like,
    ....or you would be forced to like what you get"
    [*] To follow the path: look to the master, follow the master, walk with the master, see through the master,
    ------> become the master!!! <------
    [*] Everyone has a will to WIN but very few have the will to prepare to WIN
    [*] Invest yourself in everything you do, there's fun in being serious

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