TO Commit a SIN is Human.
TO Learn from SINs is a Better Human.
TO Learn from others SINs... its like a Hacker
TO Exploit others SINs with SYN/FIN/ACK/RST

We are proud to present the seventh edition of HackIM 2016 Powered by EMC Defenders League.

Starting from : 29th Jan, 2016 10:00 PM (GMT +530)
Battle on Till : 31st Jan 2016 10:00 PM (GMT +530).

Get in the Zone, Register at

Its a not just a CTF its a WAR, WAR on your SIN
Some SINs your must befriend & some you must

++ Here best Hackers will clash for their PRIDE

++++ Only 1 coveted title that rest all will ENVY

++++++ The Machines will feel the real WRATH

+++++++++ get on IRC for Clues, show GREED

++++++ 48Hr Hacking Marathon Kill the SLOTH

++++ Crack the codes and lust for Flags.. LUST

++ Hack Well with Pizza & Beer Go GLUTTONY

Sync up your watch, mark planner set the alarm
All the SINs are fair in CTF & WAR, All the Best

Top 30 teams would be considered for following rewards:
Winner will get Gadget worth INR 50K.
First Runner Up will get Gadget worth INR 20K.
Second Runner Up will get Gadget worth INR 10K.
Top 30 participants will get EMC2 Defenders League Tshirt and Certificate, if they choose to attend Nullcon Goa 2016.

The unofficial back channel for the CTF is at #null0x00

Good luck and have fun

Special Thanks to the volunteers and supporters without whom this would not have been possible.