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    Unhappy WPA Handshake Crack Help

    Hi! First post but I think this could be a fun challenge. I have a WPA2 handshake that I captured that I would like help cracking. First what have I done to crack it? Well my computer does 700k/s but I managed to make hash tables with genpmk which made the process a little faster. I have tried the following dictionaries:

    RockYou(Not sure if it was the full version, had about 2 million words)
    Two smaller 10 thousand word dictionaries I forget the name of.

    I have also submitted it to online hash crack which after ~5 days said not found. Also, I tried the free version of with the 2GB dictionary and it could not find it.

    So as you can see, this is a challenging password. I would love if some of you fellow hackers with good hardware and dictionaries could try to crack this!


    ESSID: ZEB-2.4
    BSSID: c0:7c:d1:43:6e:08
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    I would love if someone could help me with this...any takers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fmarion View Post
    I would love if someone could help me with this...any takers?
    I am afraid no one would put his time/hardware for your task. If you've got some budget, get a good Graphics card which could increase the cracking speed multifolds.
    Google for GPU cracking.

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