Hi All,

There are several Malware Researcher openings in FireEye CyberSecurity. Work location will be Bangalore and if required, we can also make it work for Pune Location.

I have observed that there are a lot of good posts on this Forum by Researchers from India and I am sure some of might be interested in this job opening.

Instead of the Typical Job Description, I will summarize what we are looking for here.

- People who are genuinely passionate about Reverse Engineering with hands on experience on Windows Platform (x86/x64 binaries).
- Relevant Industry Experience is preferable but not mandatory. If you think you have the talent in Reverse Engineering and you did not get an opportunity yet, this is the best time for you to apply. In India, there are some people who do Reverse Engineering only as a hobby. So, it's time for you to convert your hobby to profession.
- We are not looking for College Interns. So, only those candidates who have graduated are eligible for this job opening.
- Awareness of latest threats is required. Hands on experience with reversing the latest malware families and the techniques used by malwares is mandatory.
- Hands on experience with Exploit Analysis is preferable. We do not expect you to develop exploits however a good understanding of exploit analysis would be a plus.

Send me a private message here on the Forum or post in this thread.