Hi G4H Members,

At Garage4Hackers, we perform number of activities with the aim of sharing the knowledge with the community and enhancing the skill set of individuals by sharing the thoughts on the security matters. Garage4Hackers is an online community, formed in 2007. Garage4Hackers has earned quite the reputation in the InfoSec community.

In the community, we do lot of activities including technical and non-technical (e.g. Find a charity, see their events and campaigns and make a donation), every year we get in touch with awesome security researchers or so called hackers. From 2011, we have started providing the conference passes at no cost to students. This however doesn't mean it is a FREE pass. We at Garage4hackers want to help aspiring and passionate students bridge the gap between academics and information security industry.

Who is eligible for the conference pass
1) Student Garage4hackers Member
2) Garage4Hackers Member

How to become member of Garaga4hackers
1) Simply registering forum or answers.Garage4hackers

How to become core team member
1) Actively contributing to Garage4Hackers for the years and do not expect to become core team member

What is eligible criteria to avail the community facilities

1) Contributing the to Garage4hackers in term of Blog Post / Research Post / Activity participating Ranchoddas Event
2) Working on the Garage4hackers Open community project
3) Person should be active in infosec community
4) Person should’ve documented their findings/work properly
5) Open source contribution definitely a plus point
6) If they have spoken in meets, conferences etc., it is again a plus point

When community facilities will be released
1) It would be notified on the Facebook and twitter

How many different conference passes can be availed
1) Totally depend on your contribution and Garage4Hackers registered with multiple conferences around the globe.

If you would like to contribute conference passes for other students and members, please get in touch with any of the G4H core members.