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    Question Steps in hacking an application

    Feels great to be a part of this awesome website.
    I'm a beginner, so, please bear with me.
    I am a high school student, a coder and a hacker.
    I have been hacking the web applications I make since about an year.

    I wanted to ask the geniuses and the pros, what are the steps involved in hacking any application. Of course, that depends on the application we are hacking, but, there are steps like, find flaws, carry out your exploit, et cetera.

    I am open to answers.

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    Lightbulb Here's my version

    Step 1: Identify the target and it's flaws. There are always flaws. This step requires a lot of arbitrary inputs providing.
    Step 2: Find the right exploit. Once you find the vulnerabilities, it's time to think of an exploit to use that vulnerability to suit your needs. To do or output what you desire.
    Step 3: Carry out the exploit. Loosely, launch the attack.
    Step 4: Sit back and see your will happening.

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