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    Can a person with non-technical background succeed in Infosec..?

    I'm person with non technical background but still I have learned php,javascript,mysql,html,css and python. But till date no company has called me for an interview. I don't know what is wrong..? Any suggestions...?

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    First of all, we must settle on teh definition of "Non-Technical Background". If you think that coming form some non professional academic qualification makes you non-technical then you might be surprised that several successful infosec researchers are under undergraduates. Some are working in their teenage while still studying there high school education. An infosec ninja is a Jack of All Trades.
    It is the attitude towards security and problems that drives these ninjas instead of bunch of certifications and degrees. Knowing languages is a plus point. But the real thing that you need is the "Problem Solver Mindset". In infosec, most of the jobs are fulfilled by pre scrutiny of newcomers by experts, it doesn't need you to apply for job anywhere sometimes. The candidate may not have the knowledge that he is being scrutinized.
    Instead it is the work and ideas that you share and discus openly. Your discussions and notes/work will make your destiny. In infosec we do not chose the job, rather it is the JOB that chose us. And it selects us based on our mindset, our attitude towards problems.

    Keep in mind that in this field, we everyday every moment strike with bizarre problems which need pioneering approach and technique to solve them. So we have to keep on learning, here fresher and experienced both are at same level, because after all it is your creativity that makes the job done here instead of bunch of experience listings on your resume.

    All in all, if you have the mentality of "Let us do it" then welcome to infosec world. I hope, you'll start sharing and discussing with others after reading this. ..."vinnu"

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