About 12 years ago when Orkut was ‘the thing”, we started as community for hackers around the world and a slightly different name “Hackers Garage”.

Soon we grew big enough to not fit into a community on Orkut and came the big day, we moved to this very place that would be our home for many years to come. A well-known forum “Garager4Hackers” or as we are more often called G4H.

The forum was started with a vision of being different; one that was without hierarchy but all possible transparency and with learning and sharing at its core. The objective was to help each other out with hacking and overall learning queries and discuss latest and best of the best hacking techniques.

It gives us a feeling of pride to see that over the span of 9 years thousands of accounts were created and countless posts, blogs and juicy discussion were seen. There were experts who thought us how to go from boot to root and there were beginners who thought us how to question things and keep probing until you find answers and learn something new.

When we look at the forum now, it feels like looking at a younger energetic reflection of us. Each one on the forum has a memory attached. Everyone learned something and shared something and played an essential the part in making G4H one of the most respected hacking communities in India and abroad. In its “youth”’ the forum had members spanning all globe and made impact on security experts of all industries may it be finance sector, telecommunication, aviation, drones and things that we can’t really talk about now.

As Oracle once told Neo that every program has its purpose and once it is fulfilled the program must end or return to the core. Or to say, everything that starts must come to an end. In the times of micro blogging, video blogging and many other faster means of learning, we feel that the G4H forum has served its purpose and must rest now.

With a heavy yet a heart filled with pride, we are announcing that the forum is frozen, and no new posts or blogs will appear. We’re truly sorry for all users who still enjoy posting on the forum and find it helpful.

This discussion couldn’t be made without a lot of thought process and analysis. It’s hard to admit that a forum is not the correct method of staying current in today’s time and is not exactly what we expected it to be after having lots of smart people who believe passionately in hacking and learning. So, with the same spirit with which we started the forum, we are freezing it. After all, it’s good to die a hero than to see yourself become a villain.

Having said that, we would like to thank every person (and bot) that made it to this forum and had an experience of learning and sharing the knowledge. Without the support of all our members, staying up may have been possible but wouldn’t be meaningful. We wish everyone the best for their lives and would love to see that everyone keeps sharing the knowledge.

Happy Hacking Brothers!
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