The motive behind starting these threads is:

1. To help brushing the knowledge we attain over years by asking simple but tricky questions that might put readers in a state forcing to refer back the old docs and hence help in brushing the knowledge.

2. To share knowledge. No one could be master of everything.

3. To help in-active members contribute something who always have a silent fear of not being knowledgeable enough to post anything good.

4. To keep forum active in a healthy way.

Rules and Guidelines

While Posting Question :

1. You must know the answer to your quiz question.

2. Specify the time frame. Wait for 2 days minimum before you post the answer. However try to post the reply within 1 week.

3. You have to post all the replies (either correct or incorrect) of other members which you received via Private Message (PM).

4. Toughness of question could range from very simple to in-depth level.

5. No framing of questions on outputs involving bugs of compilers, interpreters, etc. Questions should be as much independent of compilers, hardware, operating systems etc. as possible.

6. Any files or links you wish to include in your question should be clean. You will be immediately banned if the moderators think that it had a malicious intent.

7. It is expected to close the current question first before starting a new one.

8. Prepend the string "BuYS - " before your question title. That makes it easier to get noticed while viewing latest topics on forum page.

While Answering :
1. Specify in the thread if you have attempted the question by writing "PM Sent".

2. Specify in the thread if you have read the question and do not wish to answer by writing "PASS....".

3. Only send your answer via PM to the member. Any discussion you want to initiate can be posted on the thread itself once the answer is posted.

Warning Note: Do not post with an intention to show your prowess. Please do not let the thought of challenging others come in your mind. You simply can not be master of everything. So post questions very politely and help each other in sharing knowledge and enjoy the togetherness.

PS: Thanks to abhaythehero for helping out creating these rules and guidelines.