Youíre Invited: Cloud Penetration Testing Webcast

Make It Rain! Penetration Testing Your Cloud Environment

Featuring Dave Shackleford, founder of Voodoo Security, SANS instructor, and GIAC technical director

- Date: Thursday, May 12, 2011
- Time: 2PM EDT/ 11AM PDT/ 7PM BST/ 8PM CEST (GMT -4:00, New York)

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Your companyís customer data, intellectual property, and reputation can depend on your cloud-based infrastructure as much as they do on your in-house IT environment. Itís therefore important to proactively assess your cloud deployments as would your internal systems and applications. However, testing cloud-based infrastructure presents news challenges typically not encountered during in-house assessments.

Please join Core Security and Dave Shackleford, founder of Voodoo Security, for a webcast presentation designed to help you extend proactive security testing to your cloud environment. During the webcast, Dave will draw on his extensive experience working with cloud providers and customers to conduct effective, remote tests of cloud-based systems and applications.

Dave will offer practical advice for Ö
- justifying cloud penetration testing at your organization
- determining who is responsible for the security of your cloud deployments
- understanding how penetration testing is different for the cloud
- adjusting traditional pen testing processes for the cloud
- coordinating testing with cloud service providers

Whether youíre cloud administrator concerned about the security of your deployment or a security professional looking to extend your services to testing cloud environments, this webcast will provide tips to help you better plan and conduct your cloud assessments

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