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    TxtWeb App2Fame Contest for Developers in India

    Posting after a long time.

    I came across this very interesting Contest for Developers in India.

    This a about developing simple SMS based Applications that are used without using the internet.

    We all have been developing applications but never thought of winning prizes & getting famous by developing such simple apps that can be developed in couple of hours using Java & Google Web tool kit.

    The best part is that all developers including students are eligible to take part in this contest and the best Idea can win a dream holiday ipad and much more.

    I won't get into the details as there's a lot to talk about. I would suggest you all to visit & know more about the contest.

    So team lets think of something good & get famous....


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    Hey that's a good news... Thanks for sharing...

    You're right all of us have created such apps at some point and they are really easy to develop moreover txtWeb makes it much simpler... So all that we need is a great idea... I guess this the first such contest happening in India.. Many of my friends have already submitted few apps and I'm hoping to submit my share as well..
    Bingo txtWeb

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    Hey guys its nice to know that people know about the app2fame contest ( The contest itself is pretty interesting but they also have some great prizes. Have you guys already put up any new applications? Just wondering since I am working on one of my own right now.

    In case anyone is interested in giving out ideas for applications that can be built there is another separate contest called AppLaud. The contest is on their Facebook page. Here's the link for that page -

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    Post txtWeb App2Fame

    BTW, txtWeb is back again with their National-Level Developer Challenge App2Fame 2012
    For those who want to make an impact with their work. Test your innovative skills and develop ultimate cool SMS based mobile apps.
    Check this: [App2Fame]

    SMS based applications are really simple with simplistic interface and flexible to choose any language to work with and exciting because of the prizes.
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