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    NIC Hacked By Anonymous

    National Informatics Center (NIC) is the backbone of Indian government in the Information Technology field and e-governance. The NIC is a part of the Indian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s Department of Information Technology. Famous hacktivist group Anonymous has hacked the website of NIC as reported by The Hacker news. The defacement was a part of Operation India, an operation being held up by Anonymous against bureaucracy and alarming corruption in the government in India. People from the civil society has been demonstrating against the government on the notes of corruption and black money in India for the past few months. This move of anonymous may strengthen the civil movement and can shape in a new happening.

    Anonymous announced about its Operation India in the morning today by an update on twitter. The group has always protested against the anti-social and foul practices of the governments world wide. Recently, anonymous had started operation against Tunisian government. And this move Anonymous has hinted of some of its roots being in India. Hacktivist activities have suddenly increased in the past few months. Its been an easy way to spread the message as well as anger against the system and policies of governments and organizations. Let us see what further happenings will be seen in “Operation India”.

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    Dont know what to say........ its good or bad......

    in b/w what does anybody know what was the source of vul??


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    It was Blind SQLi

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    Anonymous protest against internet censorship in India

    Online hacker group Anonymous continued its protest against internet censorship for a third day on Saturday, taking down the website of the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In).

    Operational since 2004, CERT-In is the national nodal agency for responding to computer security incidents as and when they occur. The website was still down till reports last came in.

    "We aren't harming the websites or changing their content. This is a silent protest," said Anonymous told TOI.

    The international hacktivist group launched 'Operation India' on Thursday, taking down the websites of the Supreme Court of India, DoT, MIT, AICC, BJP, and Copyrights Labs. Continuing on Saturday, it attacked the online portal of Reliance Big Entertainment (RBE) because it obtained a John Doe order to prevent access to sites such as file-sharing portal The Pirate Bay, video-sharing service Vimeo, and more. The hackers have previously attacked websites of the US department of justice, US Copyrights Office, Sony PlayStation Network and FBI and the Egyptian government.

    Source -- Hackers hit cyber security agency's site - The Times of India

    For latest developments, follow their twitter account!/opindia_revenge
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    National Informatics Center (NIC) is hacked by anonymous is shameful . it is one of the premier IT Organization in india . its very clear that we are very weak in information security. we should not neglect cyber threat ,otherwise in near future our country will face great problems.

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