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  1. Preventing SQL Injection attack ASP.NET PART I


    Security is the most important attribute for any system. Providing secure experience is one of the key principles in the process of gaining customer confidence for a system. Now days, almost all the websites are asking to store userís personal information in servers to understand the customer and serve better. Itís the responsibility of an organization to confirm that customerís data is safe and accessed in a secured manner. Security in web ...

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  2. Top 7 ďThingsĒ Every Penetration Tester Should Use

    After a long time pinning something down. Disclaimer: Views are mine, based on my experience and knowledge, suggestions to improvise would be appreciated.

    So, Penetration testing, with information security getting closer to become the center of the world, pentesting has become integral part of our lives. The life of security folks. No matter how many times you secure the network, it manages to get back in jeopardy. Sometimes we just want it to stay secure. So the pentest to the rescue ...

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  3. Why do we love penetration testing (And you should too!)

    Aloha readers!

    Why do we love penetration testing? The question could be either answered in a couple of words or a book can be written on the topic. But for the sake of sanity, letís stick to a few words. For the muggles reading this post, here is the definition of penetration testing.

    ďA penetration test, or the short form pentest, is an attack on a computer system with the intention of finding security weaknesses, potentially gaining access to it, its functionality ...