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Thread: Help needed in setting up hackme bank android Share/Save - My123World.Com!

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    You can follow the steps on the below given link

    cacerts.bks SECURITYLEARN

    hope it will help this time

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    no luck...... i doon knw if i am doing any silly mistake while setting it up...
    Above methode goes smoothly cert also gets added into the trustd one but can not intercept request from app
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    Let do it the easy way !!

    + Install Android SDK and create a AVD for platform 4.0 (ICS)

    + Download Burp suite 1.5 (it support ssl for android app .. just have to add proxy certificate to the emulator)
    (source : Download Burp Suite )

    + Extract Burp suite certificate using the browser and follow the steps mentioned in below source

    source : Carnal0wnage & Attack Research Blog: Update - Android & SSL Cert

    It will work like a charm as it worked for me.

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