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Thread: Assembly Language Primer for Hackers Share/Save - My123World.Com!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrGrey View Post
    I get a message box stating "The following errors occured: <filename that I picked>: Invalid File".
    What was the extension of the file?
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    Quote Originally Posted by b0nd View Post
    I fear in that case it would go to your local "archive" for rest of its life

    Download --> read --> archive/discard
    Download --> archive --> never read
    b0nd is right, knowing myself at least I would classify the last category of people so I try to look at the videos at the source and don't download it.

    If you still want to download the files, please do think twice, it's ~16GB worth of storage and bandwidth load on the site. The script still contains a few white-spaces, so replace " " with "\ " and also add the -nc switch in case you've tried to run the script already to avoid downloading files you already have.
    wget -nc

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    Thanks for dsupplying these vids man i have been looking for them for a long time, i was planing to do this while im saving up to buy the full corse and certification...

    just out of intresert has anyone here tryed the full course if they have what did they think of it ?

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    Quit good , this may be very helpful for me . Thx for sharing .

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