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    Facebook Account Hack

    Hello guys . I'am the new one to this group.

    I've been hunting how to hack a facebook account without using methods like phishing and RAT. Its kind of odd because in these methods you have to actually trap the person into going to a fake login created by you and isnt so reliable. So i wanted to know if there is a method if i can hack a facebook password by a quick and reliable method in which the other person does not have to fall for your tricks.

    So far , I've been only DDoSing and defacing some vulnerable websites and i recently found facebook hacks interesting but the decrypting of their hash UFD2 ( whether its a scam or no not sure ) So if anybody gave me a quick help on how to hack a facebook account would be really aprreciated.

    I've been searching this in quite many other groups like and but most of them never reply to my thread and when they do , it is " use phishing dude ! " But recently i read a PDF by garage4hackers on what a UFD2 hash really was. So i thought you guys might be knowing how to hack a facebook account and would love to teach me a thing or two


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    Thumbs down No one would teach you illegal things here.


    Welcome to the forum(?). But if you come here to learn to hack facebook accounts, I am afraid this is not the correct forum.
    We all belive in ethics here and No one here would teach you illegal activities.

    There are actually people here who have found vulnerabilities in lots of sites like gmail,yahoo,facebook which might be able to hack other people accounts also.
    But they have reported those problem to conerned sites doing responsible disclosures.

    Doing DoS and defacing websites is just pathetic and illegal thing . If you do not wish to learn details about the information security then this might not the correct forum for you. If you actually need to learn how to find problems/Vulnerabilties in the websites or web application then people might be able to show you the path. But you would have to walk the path. No one belives in spoon feeding here. People would only help you when you show proper efforts done to solve a problem and stuck at some particular thing.

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    0day For FB Account Hack

    Here is the Tutorial:

    Step 1:

    Take A deep breath

    Step 2:

    Make Exact Post like this
    Name:  yoga_1792126c.jpg
Views: 5192
Size:  35.8 KB

    Step 3:
    Your Computer must be in front of you with the FB account opened of the person you want to hack.

    Step 4:
    (Secret Mantra) Please Send me A PM. I can't disclose it publicly . FB will patch it.

    You should Repeat it 11 times.

    As soon as its done the password will be on the screen of the computer.

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