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    End of Network Hacking?

    Everything can be hacked!

    That’s a quote I love, you hear it all over the net. Most people reversing software/hardware or people penetrating highly secure (or at least claimed) networks, state that most of today’s applications/hardware/networks can be compromised. Normally you see the vicious circle of stuff being released….hackers attempting to pwn it, vendors claiming it can’t be hacked, hackers publishing the hack. I might be exaggerating a little bit, but usually that’s the general consensus. Of course there are exceptions to the rule and there is hardware/software out there that hasn’t be hacked yet and maybe it really is NOT hackable. Today I wanted to write about one of those exceptions

    Unidirectional networks.
    This post will cover the devices and answer the question if I believe their 100% claim, it will also cover some of my midnight thoughts on how to use alternative ways to maybe get data back even when such a device is in place. These ideas DO NOT BYPASS the device, so don’t get your hopes up, it are just possible ideas to use other vectors instead of routing your traffic through the secure device.

    Link for the original article
    Also this kind of network set-up is not developed for ordinary networking people,even i didn't seen or ever heard of this network set-up before,..

    Please feel to post your tought's on this topic....

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    Mandi, my bad that I could not get the essence of your concern. What you want to discuss?
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    Yes bro..Want do you want discuss..??
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    Mandi, couldn't get your question.......what u want to discuss ?
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    okay guys, i am gonna write in a fashion so that you can understand easily,To be honest before some-days when i saw this thing first i do struggled to understand,but after that after spending some time i feeled some ease, but again please apologize me,i am going to write this in a bit lengthy style,Because it has been such an amazing thing,...At the end of this post you will definitely feel you read some thing useful,So please bear with me

    1)This is the most ordinary scene in the hacker's world,
    when ever a technology has been introduced by a vendor they claims,"it is impossible to break" and after some-days hackers proving them they are wrong by exploiting it,it is the most common scene to hackers,but do you guys know there is always an exception to this?!!!! yes the answer is uni-directional Networks, well i am gonna explain in simple what it is and how is this technology is completely eliminating all possible security risks in our Networks

    2)First this is the working difference between the ordinary networks and uni-directional Networks

    Assume A and B are the sender and reciever

    A can only send data to B,B can only recieve data from A,
    the communication can not go vice-versa,As this is a uni-directional Networks

    3)But here is a minor flaw,it is not fool proof,still Reciever B can get a virus or trojan or malicious file from A,but here is the twist for you folks,As this is a unidirectional Network you never can able to get Back connection from the compromised pc,as This is a UNI-DIRECTIONAL NETWORK,So All of your skills like exploitation,placing back-doors is not going to HELP you in any way.

    4)Now you think,"hey! how is this possible"?,because internet Applications uses tcp for successful data transmission and error detection recovery and bla bla ,but here is the special
    Thing about this Network,Tcp can not able to function on this unidirectional Network!!!!,there are certain specially designed protocols for this network,like the one released by a Waterfall Security Solutions , a proprietary transfer protocol that allows for data transfer from protocols that usually require bidirectional links

    5)So now your hacker brain thinks like this nah,"hey what if i develop or find some flaws in the protocol and exploit the other pc or network?

    Again a twist has been placed for you folks,this network operated with a special technology,Sender and reciever is placed with a send-only NIC card and reciever is placed with a Recieve-only NIC card,so reciever recieve's data from ONLY the sender's NIC card ,not from any other NIC card!!!!

    Also remember guys,this kind of network is not for guys who looking for easy administration,less cost for network set-up,
    it is developed purely or ONLY for security purposes,not for commercial purposes!!

    It just amazes me,I never seen such stuff,So i decided to share with you guys,And i would like to discuss the possibilities or probabilities of breaching such a high-tech network security?

    Hope you guys got clear and i am expecting some worthy feed-backs

    Again a big sorry for writing this post in a lengthy manner ,hope you folks wont mind much

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