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    Regarding PWK/OSCP.

    Hey Folks..!!

    I want an advice from you guys, Which topics one should be thorough before subscribing to PWK/OSCP LABS?

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    The course doesn't expect an aspirant to find a 0-day and write exploit for it. Anything lesser than this is helpful for this course. Anything that is required to pwn machines, including little modifications to available exploit codes, is part of skill set for this course.
    Now you find out what part should you be thorough with before subscribing

    My Advice:
    1. Either, if possible, grab pdf of course and see what all topics are covered and work on all of them which you are not comfortable with. Take 2-6 months and get confident
    2. Or, get enrolled for 1 month lab. Have a strong feel of the course, do you best and see if you could clear the exam. If can't, take a break, learn/practice all missing components, re-enroll for a month lab and come out with flying colors

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