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    No ASLR but dll loading at different locations

    There could be a scenario when a user sees some dll with no ASLR mitigation protection ON but loading at different location every time.
    Per my experience, it is because of presence of some other executable with higher privilege demanding for same image base location.

    One of my applications dll wanted to have an address location xyz. The main .exe (no ASLR) of same application also had the same preference and was more privileged than .dll.
    So even though dll didn't have aslr, the loader always had to relocate it to some other spot, which would be random

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    The DLL load order also determines the baseaddress of the loaded module. I mean if there are mor ethan one module with same ImageBAse address, then the module loaded first will be mapped to that address and the second module/dll will be relocated to some other address space.


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